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Zhengzhou Dongliang Construction Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most professional consultation, training and publishing organizations of engineering cost estimator nationwide. Our company, in the position of ¡°standing on the peak of the mountain and having a big vision¡±, has always taken ¡°building the first brand of research, integration and service of construction cost resources¡± as the corporate purpose, at the same time, insists on the trinity of consultation, training and publishing in the professional of construction cost. These three aspects are closely linked to...more
moreBook Publishing
The first branch: Books on qualification test (amount 532)
The second branch: Books on construction standard £¨amount 831£©
The third branch: Inspirational books
The fourth branch: Books on engineering cost
The fifth branch: Collection of exam papers of qualification test for construction engineering cost estimator
moreDigital Publishing
The first branch: Online school of engineering cost
The second branch: Branch online school of engineering cost
The third branch: Branch online school of engineering cost bill of quantities
The fourth branch: Flat-plate reader (e-books)
The fifth branch: E-journals